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And you can always support the effort just by encouraging people to come out and race in 2014.

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Race Your GOB



Charlie Husar sends us this about the Good Old Boat regatta, in October:

Hi, All.  I am Charlie Husar with the Good Old Boat Regatta in Annapolis, an annual sailing event for boats of “some maturity”.  I know that many of you have participated in the past  If you are interested in sailing and partying this year, contact information is below. 

This will be the 15th  annual Good Old Boat Regatta (affectionately known as the GOBR).  The event is put on by the Shearwater Sailing Club.  The GOBR is a totally a not-for-profit event for the enjoyment of our sailors. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, the GOBR is as much a celebration of our classic fiberglas and wood boats as it is a race.  We invite first time racers as well as those with more experience.  No club or sailing group affiliations are required to participate. 

The Saturday race (approximately 3-4 hours in duration) will be run using Government navigation marks south of the Bay Bridge in the Chesapeake Bay.  The Friday skippers’ meeting will include check-in, and a basic racing tutorial for “newbies”.  Both handicap and one design races will be run.  If 3 or more more of the same boat type are registered, the GOBR will give you separate one design scoring and awards.  CBYRA sanction is available for CBYRA rated cruising one design fleets.

The only requirements for entry are that you have a sailboat and that the first hull of your boat’s model was built at least 30 years ago.

Dates are Friday October 10, and Saturday October 11, 2014.  Make sure you put a note on your refrigerator door.  The skippers’ meeting is on Friday October 10 in the evening for about an hour and a half, and the race and party are on Saturday October 11.  

I want to pass on the news that we have a new home for the Annapolis Good Old Boat Regatta.  The new GOBR facility is the Bay Ridge Marina on Lake Ogleton just outside of Annapolis.  See the attached map (below).  We have plenty of anchorage for overnighters, a place to bring in dinghies, plenty of parking for drive-ins, a party room in case of inclement weather, and other stuff.  We will have the Friday skippers' meeting and the Saturday party there.  Lake Ogleton is on the Severn River just before the Severn meets the Chesapeake Bay.  It is less than a half hour by boat from the Annapolis Harbor and from the GOBR starting line.  The Bay Ridge Marina is also less than 5 miles by road from downtown Annapolis.  As always, there will be no charge for food and drink at the GOBR social events.  Yes!!  FREE food and drink.  Many thanks again to Bob and Cindy Gibson who put up with us for so many years at their place on Mill Creek.   They were perfect hosts in a great location for our event in the past.

You can combine the Good Old Boat Regatta with a visit to the Annapolis Boat Show which occurs over the same extended weekend.

Many thanks to the folks at Bay Ridge Community Marina for allowing us to use their place.  Just so happens that the manager of the facility has participated in the GOBR in the past.

For more information on the race and social events, go to:    http://shearwatersc.net




PSA Announces Upgrades to Rock Hall Race

Building on the success of their 2013 inaugural event, Potapskut Sailing Association is adding some new features which they hope will continue to attract bay sailors.  The race format invites participation from 10 sailing classes, using CBYRA Region II government marks.  The course is expected to be 15 NM and will be set by the race committee the day of the race.  

PSA has completed a total reconstruction of its traditional Race to Queenstown, that was abandoned after 74 years in favor of a new location with better facilities.   The shore party features live music, fresh shucked oysters, wine tastings from Crow Winery, Gosling’s Dark n’ Stormies and offers numerous nautical and home goods through a silent auction to defray expenses.   Hot BBQ and other grilled food will be offered by a local vendor.  

Participants are encouraged to reserve a slip in advance at any of three marinas offering discounted slip rates to participants as follows:  Haven Harbour, Osprey Point or Rock Hall Landing.  Supplemental information  has been posted to Regatta Networks website for the September 27th race.

Rock Hall offers a unique sail boaters’ race destination in that the town of Rock Hall, restaurants and marina all offer free shuttle service to boaters.    For more information, please contact Race Committee Chair John Aellen at psa-sailing@comcast.net.





This year's Green Book has completely sold out!  But, we're publishing the 2014 versions of this year's General Sailing Instructions and Region Marks here on the website.  The link is below.

(Please note the CBYRA copyright and, also, the provision that states this is the preliminary version and is superseded by the information contained in the final, printed version of the Green Book)




For clubs that want to use Regatta Network as a management tool for their next race, go to their login page and sign up.  Regatta Network will walk you through the process of getting your race on-line and ready for registrants.                                                         




Use the links below to connect with PHRF of the Chesapeake, see Valid Ratings, get wind and weather information, and for quick looks at buoy data up and down the bay


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Talk to us and other racers on the CBYRA FORUM:   ForumButton75pixel.png




If you're tired of trying to recruit enough people to flesh out a race crew, don't give up.

Next year, if the folks behind the effort get enough support from the racing community, look for a series of Doubled-Handed races.  Not having enough rail meat to flatten out the boat means a lot less when each boat in the race is facing that same handicap. 

As an aside, a non-affiliated club above the bridge had 21 boats registered and 18 participating in a recent DH race. So, the interest is definitely there!

If you'd like to get in on the planning stages of short-handed racing, or just let the organizers know you are interested in participating next year, shoot them an email at:




One of the "Takeaways" from the USSailing Leadership Forum was a question that asked:

"How can....organizations and other sailing industries integrate with their local communities to provide more awareness for prospective new sailors and waterfront access...?"

With this in mind, CBYRA has created a new page on this site devoted to getting new people on the water.  We've listed six organizations that you can get in touch with if you are new to sailing or have never sailed and would really like to.

This list is by no means comprehensive and we strongly encourage you to send us the names of other organizations that could be a resource, even if it is just a waterfront park that allows kids to launch a dinghy!

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you.




Along with certain vital equipment,

used in running the race, PSA shot holes in the theory that held:  "PSA Overnight Race is dead."

They renamed the race, did a little bit of promoting, and had 32 boats registered the evening before the race!  That's a gain of approximately 68% more entries than last year's total.  

You can read John Aellen's synopsis of the race here.

We like hearing the Double-Handed Class had the most participants!